Go Against The Grain

Posted on: mayo 5, 2015


This is a weight loss and feeling better book. My mission is to free you from feeling frustrated. How many times have you weighed yourself and then got frustrated? Without understanding the little results after your great effort. The body weight isn’t reliable, it doesn’t tell you anything about how someone looks and even less about the person’s state of health. If you want to look spectacular, if you want to eat the amounts that you want and if you want to enjoy a well-being that only comes from a proper nutrition, then you’re going to love this book and it will free you from the dogma of scales, portion control and false popular diet tips in this country.

Overweight and weight related problems didn’t exist 50 years ago.
It all started with one huge weight loss and health tip that has caused us to suffer from strong cravings for sweets, sodas, breads, ice creams, pizzas and pastas.
If you want to lose weight, eat like the healthy and slim people in other countries do.
Hi, I am Sandra, diet coach from Germany. All my teachings and personal experiences from working with my diet clients from all over the world are backed in this book.

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